The great purpose of life is internal evolution.
All are born to this, but most quickly forget why they are here.

Birth on the Earth

Once enmeshed in the physical world, life serves merely the body's survival.

Society's physical and social edifices, intended as forms within which humanity may evolve, become prisons.

Many dream of escape but few find the practical path to freedom.

Birth Potential

Birth on the Earth creates the possibility for growth of individual consciousness.

Conscious perfection exists in potential as a spark within every human being.

There is a pressure from within and without to develop this possibility.

Inner Life

Observable life is merely the outer process within which the inner process proceeds at a deeper level than the ordinary mind can perceive.

Spirit expresses itself through energy, on its lowest level perceived as matter.

Essential Being evolves within this system.

Potential Realised or Lost

The forces maintaining the universe are complex and the reasons for many things in life unclear. Why do some struggle to realise their inner potential while others dissipate it through a life of ignorance, weakness and neglect?

Each life may spiral up, circle, or spiral down run out of energy and fade away.For those who sadly allow this spark to fade there is little individual hope.

For those who actively choose inner growth there appears the question of the 'Path' or 'Way'.

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