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Way Beyond

A person's Spirit exists within the 4th energy level and beyond (Higher Energies), maintaining only a tenuous connection into the Deep Mind through the most subtle levels of the Deepmental.

Beyond Deep Mind

Beings express themselves simultaneously over 3 levels. Humans are based (essential existence) on the Deep Mental level, develop consciousness within the Deep Emotional level (initialy sub-conscious) and are fully functioning on the physical level (after about 7 years old).

3rd Initiation

Only after the 3rd initiation (Human#4 or conditional enlightenment) does the base of a person's existence move to the 4th energy level, the consciousness begins to develop on the Deep Mental and the person becomes fully active within the Deep Emotional realm. Then the body is no longer necessary for continuing development and after death that person does not usually re-incarnate in the physical world. They initially withdraw fully to the Deep Eental but will usually re-incarnate within the Astral (Deepemotional) as the essential being or Intelligence can only further refine itself through the interaction of consciousness within the Deep Mental and activity within the Astral.

4th Initiation

At the 4th initiation, essential being is based on the 5th energy level, consciousness begins to develop on the 4th and the person becomes fully active on the 3rd, the Deep Mental. While they retain a connection into the Etheric and Astral levels as long as the body lives, on its death they withdraw fully to the 4th energy level, where after a time they will almost certainly re-appear on the Deep Mental to further their inner refinement. Occasionally these people will choose to re-incarnate into the Astral, or even the physical realm, in order to help evolving beings on those levels.

Ramanamaharshi speaks:

"So long as the ego lasts, effort is necessary. No one succeeds without effort. The few who do succeed owe their success to their perseverance. But your effort can extend only so far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach it."
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