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Psychology & Religion


Religion is given to the mass of humanity - all those who do not choose to make the personal lifelong effort to directly refine their inner nature - to preserve their tenuous connection with their own divine aspects while supporting the slow evolution, over tens of thousands of years, of consciousness within humankind as a whole.

Managing the troubles of Life

The reality of physical life is that a majority of people, over their lifetime - along with the purely positive and pleasurable times that most have a chance to enjoy - experience accidents, develop diseases, suffer chronic depression or simply slide into senility. Belief in their own divine nature, is the only real way to escape the mental attachment to the inevitable woes of the body (including the brain with its superficial-consciousness) and manage these troubles of outer life. Genuine religions support people in this healing belief that attenuates the blind attachment to the physical body, the feelings heavily influenced by the hormonal secretions and thoughts generated by the brain consciousness (superficial-mind).

Genuine Religions

There are 2 essential aspects of religion. A set of rules to regulate outer behavior and parables which speak to the unconscious Deep Emotions. They usually also mention the Deep Mental (Celestial or Heavenly) level, offering an idealised bodily life there as inducement to following the outer rules of good behaviour. There are different beings who, having refined themselves spiritually on the Earth in the past, are assigned to watch over each genuine religion - though the people within those religions usually know nothing about this.

Spiritual Ignorance

On the Earth, our sense of self is predominantly based on our body, whether in the sense of brain activity producing thinking, hormone activity producing emotions or muscular activity producing movement. The body has appetites. We are driven to supply it with air, water, food, warmth, security and sex. An effective life provides it with a supply of these things without absorbing all our time and energy. Appetites are not the trouble. However the ego, operating through the superficial consciousness, identifies itself with the body, then becomes attached to its appetites, creating desires over and above the body's basic needs. Because the ego includes a component from the 3 Minds, this attachment enslaves the 3 Minds to a degree which grows over a lifetime if no effort is made to counter it. Then at death the Deep Mind Intelligence may be unable to disentangle the 3 Minds from the body's energy field and ego, so choose to abandon them leaving the person to suffer the fate of a 'remainer'. This internal confusion or ignorance is the main factor preventing awareness of our real Self. It is the usual human condition and few people escape it. As a result, people dedicate their whole lives to food, sex and money, social standing, or intellectual pursuits, depending on their dominant brain, only after death realising their terrible mistake.

Psuedo Religious Organisations

The fact that religious beliefs are behind at least half the mass violence in the world is not connected with true religions themselves but is due to the superfluous gross power structures that form within the religions, allowing beings with little inner light to assert outer control over the perhaps more genuine members of that religion. Then the rules of conduct are brutally forced on others, the parables taken literally are used to justify misjustices and the high concepts of heaven (celestial - the 3rd energy level) are reduced to materialistic rewards for loyalty to that particular power structure.
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