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Abdullah Dougan

My questions & answers

One day each week for 5 years I helped Abdullah in his pottery giving a good opportunity to discuss at length the deeper aspects of his teaching. Following is a selection of the information he gave to me in private, in response to my questions. If he was unsure of an answer he would seek help at that moment from those beyond him. Sometimes he asked me not to repeat what I heard and occasionally he noted that the information he received was not allowed into the physical world at this time. On a single occasion he was informed that a human brain was incapable of understanding the answer. As the subjects often border on the extreme realms of human knowledge and belief, I, with a clear understanding of the nature of those firmly embedded in their bodies, hesitate, but proceed to present them here.

Great Beings

The most developed person in the solar system is Zoroaster, then the Buddha, then Hazrat Ali. Zoroaster represents the Active-force of the Sun and also looks after all beings past the 5th initiation (Human#6). Buddha represents the Neutralizing-force of the Sun and looks after all beings past the 4th initiation (Human#5). Hazrat Ali represents the Receptive-force of the Sun and looks after all beings past the 3rd initiation (Human#4). After them is Abraham ("The Mesopotamian"), then Rumi. Zoroaster is preparing to move out of the Solar system as he reaches the end of his 8000 year cycle. Then Buddha will take his place, Hazrat Ali will assume the Buddha's role and Rumi will take the 3rd place in that triad. Later I understood that Abraham's role was to manage the 3rd energy level, the Celestial (the heaven of the wordly religions). The importance to the human race of this level and his supervision, holds him there at this time.


The Soul begins in the Thymus gland as the 'Magneticcentre', moves to the heart as the true 'Soul', then to the solar plexus as the 'Bodykesdjan' of a 'Human#4', lastly to the pituitary gland as the 'Deepmentalbody' of a 'Human#5'.


The 1st-Initiation is connected with the 'Magneticcentre', the 2nd-Initiation with the 'Soul', the 3rd-Initiation with the 'Bodykesdjan', the 4th-Initiation with the 'Deepmentalbody'. It can take any length of time for the Magneticcentre (seed of the Soul) to germinate and grow towards a Soul. It takes 21 years for the Soul to grow to a Bodykesdjan though this time may be longer (never shorter). Then to reach the Deepmental requires usually 21 years, but on rare occasions 14 or 7, depending on the condition of the Bodykesdjan. Only about 1 in 10 of those who reach the 3rd-Initiation make it to the 4th while on the Earth. From the 4th-Initiation to the 5th always takes at least 21 years and so also from the 5th to the 6th. The only 2 beings known to have gone beyond the 4th-Initiation while on the Earth were Zoroaster who made it to the 6th (Human#7) and Buddha who made it to the 5th (Human#6).


The mass of humanity unconsciously undergoes a long and slow evolutionary process under the great shepherding intelligences of the beings behind the Earth and the Sun. The Second (passive) Force of the Sun manages the gradual evolution of consciousness in humankind. Political systems, social systems, academic systems and Religions, are all caught in that involuntary evolution. For the few who choose, there exists an accelerated conscious way to inner freedom. It relies on true guidance and a lifetime of effort. Many begin it but few complete it in one lifetime. The Third (neutralising) Force of the sun looks after all who make the attempt.


The mass of people have some small control over their local environment but are helplessly subject to accidents caused by their own subconscious, the will of others and forces of nature. For those who make effort to refine themselves, some help may be given to avoid or deal with the vagaries of fate, by conscious beings who have gone before them.

Third Force of the Solar System

Most teachers were under the direction of the Second Force but at any one time there was a triad of teachers who were under the Third Force. They would enter this triad on becoming Human#4 and usually at least 2 of them were Human#5. It seemed that a Human#4 within this triad (such as Omram Aivanov) had about the same power as a Human#5 (such as Ni Hua-Ching) who was under the Second Force at that time, but later moved across to the Third Force as no suitable person, about to become a Human#4, was available. The most senior member of this triad is known as the Gate Keeper of the Earth.

A Single Occasion

One morning he remarked that the previous evening he had tried to establish whether the universe was expanding and whether it would go on expanding indefinately or ultimately shrink again. His innermost source said that the universe was neither expanding nor about to shrink back - the actual movement of the galaxies was so complex [in a multi-dimensional sense] that no human brain could comprehend that movement.

Other Teachers

[My note: All developed teachers have their strengths and weaknesses. Abdullah never commented on their weaknesses in public but privately would discuss them. He called a developed person who was centred in the 3rd (deep-mental) energy level, a Human#4 and a person centred in the 4th (beyond-the-mind) energy level a Human#5.]
Ramana Maharshi - the strange case of a Human#5 connected with the third force of the Sun giving him great power but tempered [within the beyond] by the chief feature of selfishness. He constructed a system for self realisation based on remembering one thought 'Who am I'. He also asserted that the whole of the manifested world arises from our own minds based on the 'I thought'. This second assertion carried the danger of embedding selfishness on a very deep level [there was no implication of this on the normal physical level]. Those around him developed to some degree under the influence of his substantial energy field, but most never attained balance and none went on to become Human#5. Paul Brunton was the most balanced of these devotees and he later acted as Ramana Maharshi's 'hand-on-the-earth'.
Hazrat Inayat Khan - an emotional man who was at the level of Human#4 when he prematurely died, but quickly moved to the next level a few years after his death. His uncle, Fazil Khan, became a Human#5 but worked humbly in his nephews organisation till his death.
Gurdjieff - also under the Third Force of the Sun and one of the greatest teachers of his time, but he was held back as a balanced Human#4 for a long time by his need to manage his strong sexual energy, only attaining Human#5 a few years before his death.
Some new age teachers [mostly emanating from America] - generally they had received some short 'pressure cooker' training for perhaps 10 years, then overestimated their own development and were led astray by the Jinns.
Abdul-al-Khyum - his main Sufi teacher, a Human#5 under the direction of the Third Force of the Sun, he had failed in his task to open up the teaching to a wider audience.
The books of Alice A Bailey - inspired from a conscious source but punctuated with errors from the mind of the writer herself.
Ramakrishna - a great teacher, was unable to progress beyond Human#4 as he heavily indulged in ecstatic states [which are connected with the deep emotional level]. However his closest student, Vivekananda, quickly attained Human#4 then went on to become a Human#5.
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