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自我 EGO

自我 How we see ourselves

所谓自我,即人们对自身的观点和看法,它介于外在自我层或说表象与内在自我层之间,很薄。 How we see ourselves is the ego. It is a thin layer of self-awareness trapped between an outer shell or face and an inner shell.

自我 Outer Face

周围人看到的,是我们的外在表象而不是我们自以为的真正自我。这一假象因为世界的残酷、出于自我保护而立。只是,若在亲密关系中(如家庭、好友、师生之间)保持此类假象,亲密关系下的真实和纯净就会遭到破坏。The outer face, prevents those around us from seeing who we feel we really are. This deception is allowable for self protection in a ruthless world, but if maintained in close relationships (family, close friends, teacher-pupil relationship) it destroys the authenticity of that interaction.

自我 Inner Shell

而更深的内在自我层伤害性更大,它会阻碍人们去了解有关真正自我的潜意识真相(其中大脑意识占10%,无形深度思维则占90%)。On a deeper and more harmful side the inner shell of the ego prevents us from knowing the subconscious truth of who we really are (10% brain consciousness and 90% immaterial deep mind).

自我 The Less Aware

意识度不高者,其自我就是浅薄的一层自我认知,它与个人的外在表象极为吻合,所以到头来它仍然是以个人体架为基础的认知。For less aware people the ego is a thin layer of self knowledge strongly identified with their outer face, which in turn is based mainly on their body.

自我 Who We Really Are

一个人的自我意识越高,他就能越深地看透自身的潜意识,从而能愈发地认识到真实自我与外在表象之间的巨大差距。这种不断增长的自我认知还能令他透过表象看到他人的真实自我。The more self aware we are the further we see into our own subconscious and consequently the more we recognize that what we really are is very different from how we present ourselves to the outer world. This increasing self knowledge also allows us to see correspondingly past the face of others and further into who they really are.

自我 Self Knowledge

通往自我认知(自我实现)的道路只有一条,这条内修之路会随着个人对自我内在世界的探究而不断铺展开来。当思维通过自编的错觉(甚至是幻象)之网去探查内在世界时,那个世界是具有欺骗性、有时甚至是危机重重的。如果方向错误又没有指导,踏入歧途几乎是确定无疑的结局。To follow the path of self knowledge (self realization) there is only one Way. That is the internal path which steadily unfolds as you delve deeper into your own inner world. That world is deceptive, sometimes dangerous, as the Mind perceives the inner world through its own self-created web of illusion (even delusion). Without true directions and a guide, people will almost certainly go astray.
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