The worldwideway

is the path that leads within, back to our essential being. For those who seek to retrace their steps guidance is available, without which there is little chance of finding the way. worldwideway

Way of Life


(will, effort, aspiration) produces change in the sense of evolution.


(tolerance, equanimity, submission) removes the desire to change from the effort to change.


(awareness, consciousness, non-attachment) removes the sense of self from the effort to change. wayoflife

Way of Taiji & Yoga

Balance Inner & Outer Life

Naturalness and balance are the most highly valued concepts within the Daoist teaching, with Mother Earth as the model. This naturalness refers not to external ease or lack of effort, but to perfect inner attunement to the Deep Inner Essence of ourself and the wider world. The main method is to gather and refine energy (Qi), externally through physical movements and breathing exercises, internally by concentration of the Deep Mind on and within the body and energy field. waydeeper

Way of Meditation

Way To the Beyond


The Way is straight and well sign-posted. To wander off brings great trouble. To change the sign-posts incurs great cost. waybeyond

Patrick A Kelly


Patrick's Books


3 Great Streams

Daoism, Gnostic/Sufism, and Yoga as experienced by Patrick Kelly over 40 years under the guidance of Gnostic (Naqshibandi Sufi Shaikh) Abdullah Dougan (1918-1987), Daoist Taiji Master Huang Xingxian (1908-1992), and Raja Yogi Mounimaharaj of Rajasthan (1900?-2007). This true contact, both external and internal, with the 3 great streams of esoteric teachings - the Asian, the Indian and the Middle Eastern/European - now supports Patrick's teaching, which aims to lead people deeply inside themselves towards the one formless Source, which has no name. 3streams







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